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Way To Go Team!

Sherene and our Camp Winnings!!

Yellow Spinning 5 Point Star

MWDT Varsity 2008-2009 Season!
*UDA Elite Dance Camp at Illinois State University: First place Home Routine, Nationals Bid, Leadership Award, Superior Trophy, Full Out Award, All-Stars were Sam, Ashley, Sherene, Shelby, Jordyn!!
*Capital City Championships: First place Jazz, First place Pom, Kaylee Embry Fluid dance scholarship winner
*UNO Maverick Dance Competition: First place Jazz, Second place Pom, Kaylee Embry oustanding leaps winner, Ashley Osborn oustanding jumps winner
*Midwest Cheer and Dance Competition: First place Jazz, First place Pom, Overall Technique winner, Sam Korpela and Ashley Osborn All-Star winners
*Mall of America, Spirit of America Championship: First place Pom, Second place Hip Hop (to Eden Prairie!!) Overall Costume winner for Hip Hop
*UDA National Championships: 6th Place Small Pom, NATIONAL CHAMPIONS IN SMALL HIP HOP!!!!!!!
*Nebraska State Cheer and Dance Championships: First place Hip Hop, Second place Jazz

MWDT Varsity 2007-2008 Season (The Undefeated Season!!)

*Illinois State Elite UDA Camp, 1st Place Small Division Home Routine, UDA Nationals Bid, Rock Star Award, Superior Trophy, All Blue Ribbons, Superior Trophy for Team Routine, Leadership Award,  and 4 All-Star Nominees! 
*UNO Competition- Competed Jazz-1st Place and Overall High Score of the Day, Kaylee Embry-Grand Champion Leaps, Jordyn Livingston-Grand Champion Toe Touch!
*Capital City Championshiops- Competed Jazz-1st Place, Innovative Choreography Award.
*Midwest Classic- Competed Jazz-1st Place, Overall Jazz Award, Competed Pom-1st Place, Overall Pom Award, Best Choreography for Jazz and Kaylee Embry All-Star Dancer Award.
*UDA Spirit of America, Mall of America-Competed Jazz-Small Varsity 1st Place, Best Choreography Award, competed Hip Hop-Small Varsity 1st Place, Best Costume Award!
*Cheertym-Competed Jazz, 1st place
Competed Pom, 1st Place
Competed Hip Hop, 1st Place, recieved Overall Dance Award, Recieved Overall Competition Award
*UDA Nationals-Small Varsity Hip Hop-6th Place, Small Varsity Pom-8th Place!!
*State Cheer and Dance Championship-Nebraska State Champions in Hip Hop, Pom and Jazz!!!

MWDT 2006-2007 Season

*Creighton UDA Camp, Camp Champs, Most Creative Team Routine, UDA Nationals Bid, On The Ball Award
*The Scene Competition, Competed Jazz, 1st Place
*UNO Dance Competition, Competed Jazz, 1st Place
*Capital City Championships, Competed Jazz, 1st Place, Overall Dance Award
*Midwest Classic, Competed Pom and Jazz, 1st Place and 1st Place, Overall Dance Award
*American Championships, Competed Jazz, 1st Place
*Cheertym, Competed Pom, Hip Hop and Jazz, 1st Place in all 3, Overall Dance Award, Overall Competition Award
*Husker Nation State Championships, Competed Pom, Jazz, Hip Hop, State Champs Pom, Co-State Champs Jazz, 2nd Place Hip Hop


2009=6th Place Pom,
2008-6th Place Hip Hop, 8th Place Pom
2007-6th Place Hip Hop, 6th Place Pom (Large Varsity)
2006-5th Place Hip Hop, 17th Place Pom
2005-7th Place Hip Hop, 8th Place Pom
2004-10th Place Hip Hop, 8th Place Pom
2002-12th Place Pom
2001-8th Place Jazz, 15th Place Pom